Status: In progress

Website styling is always a little tricky. Knowing how to make something look the way you want is complicated with CSS. That’s something I want to fix–preferably with an entertaining motif.

The CSS Shop aims to make styling various components on a website easy, with the ability to modify several common attributes and see the changes you make in real-time. To achieve that, I’ve decided to use React.

The bulk of the site will be focused on demo elements that you can set the styling of, and those see changes in realtime. As well, I plan to give the user full control over the general styling of an element. They can input any valid CSS style rule into the specified element’s control panel and adjust the value and units (if applicable) as they see fit.

At the current moment, I’m thinking in terms of small-scale CSS building. Pick an element and style various parts of it. From there I might scale up, but this is mostly something to demonstrate that I know at least some React and potentially make a career from it.

This article will be updated as the project continues.