I offer my website design skills to anyone who desires a dynamic site, or a static website.


I do not have hourly rates, but more of a general price gauge as follows:

  • For basic portfolios that include your current and previous work / work experience, generally figure that it will cost you around $1000 to $1500, depending on the scope. I am capable of both designing the site content, and the site appearance. Since this website’s theme is licensed under the MIT license, I am able to use it for your portfolio, if you so desire.
  • For more complex websites that involve user authentication or offer some service beyond the scope of a static website, prices range between $1000 to $2000 or higher, depending on your budget and how much functionality you want. Keep in mind that development time can vary from one week to a month. I will require at least weekly communication in order to ensure the website is to your liking.


If you are interested in my services, please contact me at danielcellingson@gmail.com.