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As my senior project for my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I designed and tested a compiler for a language of my own design, which I titled “PRSE”.

The PRSE compiler–prsec–reads PRSE code provided on the command line, and outputs a binary program unless the user specifies the argument --cpp, in which case the PRSE source code is translated to C++ and saved to a file with the same name as the original PRSE program.

The PRSE language is a C-like language focused on making the programmer’s life easier and productive while having one write less code. Much of the syntax borrows heavily from C and C++, with elements of other languages added because they are gaining or have gained favorability among contemporary programmers.

Some features of the language, as of the time of writing:

  • The ability to define functions anywhere in the program without declaring them in the header
  • Printing is as simple as:
use "io"

func main(){
    println("This prints out with a LF character.");

At the time of writing, PRSE is in version 0.0.2.