GitHub repository

For the final project of my web programming class, I designed, implemented, and tested a dynamic website that facilitates games of rock paper scissors between two players using Django. For the final project, A problem domain was to be specified, and a website proposed that would provide a solution to that domain. As I had interest in game design before and felt that implementing a website to allow for the play of RPS, I proposed that I would design such a website, along with a forum page to discuss whatever players desired to discuss about the game, and a leaderboard page for top players on the site.

The current user’s dashboard. Lists all games they are a participant of, and all games that they have participated in, the score of those games, and who ultimately won them. user-dash

The open games list. Any user of the site may create a new game. open-games create-game

The main forum page. Lists all available discussion topics. user-forums

One topic in the forum section. Any user may create a thread here. forum-topic

A thread in a forum topic. Any user may post a reply here. Keymashes were added to show how content would look when typed. thread-example

The user leaderboards. leaderboard

Additionally, the site allows for REST API calls, though this particular area of web programming is not one I am very knowledgable in.